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McKenzie R. Macy established The Law Offices of McKenzie R. Macy in 2018. McKenzie knew that he wanted to establish his own law firm after he had a few years of legal experience under his belt. Having worked for both small and large law firms, McKenzie feels strongly that small law firms allow for attorneys to best treat clients more like people and less like a number and means to reach a minimum number of billable hours, which is how he feels most mid to large-sized law firms currently operate. Lawyers often forget that the practice of law is about people first and foremost.

At The Law Offices of McKenzie R. Macy, LLC, we want our clients, and those we come into contact with, to recognize us by our core values: knowledge, relationships, and efficiency. We strive to know the nuances of the law and how to use them to best serve our clients, to connect with our clients on both a professional and personal level, and to complete client matters with the same efficiency that we would want if we were the client.

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